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Regional NSW, jobs and clean energy all winners in the NSW Government's Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap says NSW Conservation Council


The Nature Conservation Council says the NSW Government is moving up a gear to bring down emmissions and provide cheaper, greener clean energy and create thousands of jobs.  Image courtesy of Zhang Fengsheng.

The Nature Conservation Council has welcomed today’s NSW Government Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap as a crucial step towards making NSW a low-carbon economy. 

“This plan is a step-change in ambition on clean energy,” said NCC Chief Executive Chris Gambian.

“It represents serious action on climate change in a way that will also create jobs and bring down power prices.

"The NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap announced today will accelerate the construction of transmission lines to regional NSW and support the development of new solar, wind and pumped-hydro projects.

"It will ensure about 60 wind and solar farms are built over the next 10 years, create 9000 jobs,  stimulate $32 billion in private investment, and prevent the emission of 90 million tonnes.

“Everyone in NSW has skin in this game,” Mr Gambian said.

“Last bushfire season proved yet again we are on the front line of climate change impacts and scientists have warned that if we don’t immediately cut climate pollution fire seasons will get much worse.

“The plan will see about 60 new solar and wind farms start generating across the state, more than quadrupling clean energy generation.

“Global heating is a massive global crisis. This plan demonstrates that we can find pathways through this crisis that help modernise and strengthen our economy.

"While the Morrison government is absent on climate action, thank goodness their coalition colleagues in NSW are willing to step up to the challenge of cutting climate pollution while growing the economy.”