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Tathra Fishing Club's gift to struggling Victorian


Not being able to travel to Tathra for his family's annual trip to Tathra had Victorian Geoff Parkes feeling extremely sad but a gift from Tathra has lifted his spirits. 

Parkes is a member of the Tathra Amateur Fishing Club and stays in contact with Club Secretary Kerry McKee via email. 

McKee said she knew Geoff had been feeling down and she wanted to do something to help. 

"Geoff emailed me to say how much he was missing Tathra and how he wished  he could be up here," McKee said. 

"So I just sent him some sand and shells off Tathra Beach," she said.  

Parkes was so emotional upon receiving the bag he "cried like a baby"

"Kerry is a magnificent lady, she's not just the Angling Club Secretary but she's also our guardian angel when we go out in the boats... she is one special lady"

 "Thanks so much, I'm blown away," he said. 

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