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Canberra kids' generosity to Tuross community rewarded with river cruise


Above: Canberra's Lachlan and Darcy are being recognised for their generosity to Tuross Marine Rescue. Image courtesy Marine Rescue. 

Two Canberra kids will be given the royal treatment by Tuross Marine Rescue  tomorrow.

The brothers, four-year-old Darcy and ten-year old Lachlan, emptied their piggy banks earlier this year when the village's marine rescue boat was vandalised.

Both brothers donated a large portion of their pocket money savings, each giving the Tuross unit $5 each.  

The rescue boat Tuross 20, was back in the water yesterday for the first time since the vandalism in August and Marine Rescue's Glenn Sullivan says as a thank you the children, who are holidaying in Tuross, will be treated to a river cruise on the vessel tomorrow morning. 

He said it really gave the local volunteers a lift when the donation from the boys arrived, and restored their faith in human nature. 

The vandalism of Tuross 20 left the village without a rescue boat from the 19th of August, until yesterday.

Tuross is also due to get a new vessel at Christmas.