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Community groups and bushfire families benefit from Moruya's community garden


The Moruya community is looking forward to free water and a new orchard at the community garden. 

Produce from Moruya's community garden is going to the Red Door Cafe's free weekly; the Disability Trust; Meals on Wheels and a number of families impacted by the bushfires. 

The garden is set to get bigger with the planting of a new orchard and the installation of two water tanks, thanks to a grant received by the South Coast Health and Sustainability Alliance from the Foundation for Regional and Rural Renewal of nearly $7000. 

SHASA contributed $363 of its own funds as a cash contribution to the project.

SHASA President Kathryn Maxwell said “Through the generosity of the FRRR grant SHASA has been able to install two steel 5000 litre rainwater tanks and water pump on a concrete slab to
provide water for the Moruya Community Garden and plant nut trees and citrus trees (oranges, limes and lemons) at the Anglican Parish in Moruya”.

“SHASA would like to thank Thomas Schild and Mark Rote for their volunteer work to complete the concrete slab. To increase the capture of rainwater Mark Rote undertook
extensive plumbing to capture water from both sides of the Red Door Hall Roof and the adjoining office. This has tripled the amount of water now being collected when it rains.

The community groups and families with veggie beds at the Moruya Community Garden will now have access to the rainwater keeping costs of growing food to a minimum”' said
Ms Maxwell. “Everyone is welcome to come to the Anglican Parish to see all the efforts by the community to increase the availability of fresh, organic food to all. Once again thank you
so much to the Foundation for making this project possible said Ms Maxwell.