Mornings with Jules

Jules 2EC


Jules was that kid who grew up with the transistor radio under her pillow every night as she went to bed, the kid who called into all the radio stations, the kid who interviewed The Angels for a Radio Station Competition when she was 14, the kid who went into the city (in her home town of Adelaide) every day during the school holidays as one of the stations was holding OB’s and just stood there (& possibly creeped out the Announcer!) and watched. Hooked.

The chance to get behind a mic came and Jules grabbed it with both hands. Dream come true. Her passions are Australian music, Australian music, music, Australian music and music. Plus comedy, which she had a crack at performing weekly at a Comedy Club every Saturday for a year and as part of a comedy ensemble at the Adelaide Fringe. Her radio career kicked off and the decision was easy. Radio came first.

Jules has been heard on Community Radio, Commercial Music & Talkback Radio plus the national broadcaster in Adelaide. Raised in the city by parents who were both country folk, gave Jules the desire to get into a smaller rural/regional community and set up shop. Being part of the Bega Valley and South Coast Community is exactly what she’s after and is loving every second on the Run Home, getting to know everyone and finding out about everything our great region has to offer.

Ask her how she got to Bega though… there’s a story here she’ll never forget involving the Snowy Mountains and her car breaking down…. at night… in Winter… Welcome to the South Coast Jules!