Right on time: Bay clock ticking again

September 5, 2023 8:35 am in by

The Batemans Bay Rotary Clock is now working again.

After the clock at the bus stop on Clyde Street mysteriously stopped back in March, investigations found the power supply needed to be reconnected.

“We had a look at it, and it turns out there was no power going to the clock,” Community Service Director with Batemans Bay Rotary, David Ashford said.

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“We arranged with council to get the power supply back on and we did some maintenance on the clock while it was not working and it’s now up and running again and telling the right time,” Mr Ashford continued.

While some may think having a working clock doesn’t matter, as most of us have the time on our phones, Mr Ashford told East Coast Radio that town clocks provide a sense of community.

“I was doing some research to find out about the mechanism and what surprised me was the amount of interest in town clocks across the board, and I think even the Bega town clock was mentioned in the article I was reading,” Mr Ashford said.

“I think it’s the sense of community that’s important, people see the town clock and think someone is looking after us because the town clock is there and it’s telling us the right time, and keeping us informed.”

The clock was originally built in the 1970’s before being put into it’s home with the dolphin sculpture above it, near Starfish Deli in 1999.

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“It’s certainly getting close to being historic being of that age,” Mr Ashford said.

“We just hope the mechanisms keep going, the control unit can be replace but that old original clock face has certainly taken a bit of the impact of the weather and being down close to the water but we’ll keep it going as long as we can,” Mr Ashford said.

“Hopefully it will continue to tell the correct time for a while longer.”

Images: Batemans Bay Rotary