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Ozzy Ages On!

John Michael Osbourne, better known as Ozzy turns 70 today. A big milestone and some would be surprised he's even reached it...me included!

He's something else isn't he?

As the lead singer with metal band Black Sabbath he had a reputation as a hell raiser - I feel he earned that reputation! Ha Ha! He became known as the Prince of Darkness....he was pretty out there!

He's admitted to drug taking and alcohol abuse, which was widely talked about during the family's reality TV show.

He has also talked about how he was picked on by teachers at school because of his dyslexia and learning problems.

As a muso though he find his calling.

With his work with Black Sabbath and solo releases he's sold over 100 million records - pretty impressive.

I've posted the video below - which is a best of compilation for you to laugh with. Please don't watch if you're easily offended. :)