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The Cravat's Back!

Now the drama of MKR has finished we can now watch a cooking show that's actually about cooking!

Yep Masterchef is back! And I'm a happy little vegemite. Don't get me wrong I did watch MKR too because I enjoy a little drama, however, I think it went too far and the producers probably need to have a good look at themselves, slap themselves half gently across the face and wake up to the fact we're not interested in seeing people hating, sledging and being disrespectful of eachother. End of rant!

Now to the good stuff - a show where cooking is the focus and mentoring with respect is the norm.

In my opinion Gary, George and Matt are terrific teachers and people to aspire to be like in cooking. Yes they push, but gently. Yes they give negative feedback, but it's constructive and they spend the majority of their time encouraging the contestants to reach for new heights.

The growth in contestants on Masterchef is incredible and a delight to watch.

Oh man and does my mouth salivate!

And just on a side note I really can't wait to see what suit Matt is wearing - such style!

Let's keep meeting like this and chatting about Masterchef as it evolves in 2018.