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Narooma Oyster Festival Big Success

Organisers of the Narooma Oyster Festival are chuffed with this year's event.

The best ever in the 10 years it's been running.

And why wouldn't it be. The location is 2nd to none! The oysters are creamy, smooth and delicious! The weather perfect! And the crowds appreciative and happy!

The crowds were doubled on last year and they managed to hungrily scoff with great delight 60% more oysters! Organisers estimate that over 4000 people attended the festival on Saturday with visitors coming from all over including once visitor coming from Chicago! And they gauge that about 42,000 Sydney Rock Oysters were sold! Isn't that incredible!

And it's possible there may be a new world record for "biggest oyster" for the Guinness Book of Records. "Jack" the Clyde River Pacific Oyster weighed heavier than the current world champion oyster from Denmark, but just missed the mark in length. GBR officials will now need to work out whether that makes or breaks the record.

My colleague Dee went and she described it as incredible with a huge amount of different flavours to try with the oysters!

2019 - Bring it on!