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I Got Got!

So Easter Sunday I pop around to visit Dad and pick up a couple of things.

We're sitting at the table having a cuppa and chatting.

Dad brings up the US Masters golf on this coming week / weekend. It is by far my favourite golf tournament and I have been hanging for it.

So Dad tells me that it won't be on free to air telly. I said it is because I've been watching promos for it.

He said it was announced in the paper today and it was only going to be on pay tv.

So I started blowing up!! Big time! Carrying on and on.

Dad sat passively looking at me while I continued to slam the tv stations and how everything was about money...blah blah blah!

Suddenly mid rant Dad says "April Fool"!!

He totally got me! I was so impressed and we both cracked up!

Good one Dad!