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Tathra Update

Considering how swiftly the fire moved into homes in Tathra on Sunday afternoon / night the emergency services, volunteers and the community of Bega and surrounding areas have been nothing short of incredible.

Quckly making the Bega Showground Pavillion an evacuation sanctuary for families to gather, rest and collect their thoughts. I can't imagine the shock it must have been for all these families. One minute enjoying their Sunday, the next being asked to evacuate and leave their homes with pretty much the clothes on their backs.

I was talking with Dan on Monday morning. He and his parents live on Wildlife Drive. For their Sunday they were enjoying a double birthday celebration. They were interrupted by emergency services who advised them to move down to the Surf Club because of the fire risk. Once there it soon became apparent with the cloying smoke and fallling ash they needed to get out of there too. Emergency service people once again asked them to get in their vehicles and head into Bega down the Snowy Mountains Highway or to the Surf Club at Bermagui.

Dan had no idea whether his Mum and Dad's home would still be ok or not. He would now though after authorities gently delivered the news about homes.

Today residents will be taken by bus to Tathra to survey what is left of their homes.

It's going to be a difficult day for them and we send our positive energy and love for them in this really difficult time!