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A Son's Love!

When I go away for a weekend I put my son Boo in to the pet resort!

He knows these days when we're getting close - I can see his interest peek.

He enjoys going because he gets very well looked after, cuddled and he has a great view from his room.

I know he is well looked after but I can't wait to pick him up!

So when I do go to get him I walk in through the front door and say hi to the girls and the next thing I hear......yep.....Boo!

He's quite a chatty little fella and he likes me to know he knows I'm there! It's adorable! And when he sees me he almost screams! Ha Ha!

He does this when I get home from work too! It's hilarious!

They may not speak English but they have no trouble getting their point across!

Check out the video...it's so cute!