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Stephen King's It!

Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns! It's real and plenty of people worldwide suffer from it.

To many of us clowns are delightful...full of colour, smiles, balloons & fun.

If you do like clowns.....there's a good chance you will suffer from COULROPHOBIA after you hit the cinema and see Stephen King's It. 

You'll lose more than your popcorn during certain scenes!

I love the book.....I'm a huge Stephen King fan....his imagination in unmatched....and his ability to scare the pants off you is next to none!

Not all the movies made from his books have hit the mark...mainly due to the fact it's next to impossible to act some of the images you conjour in your head while reading a SK book.

But IT hits the bullseye.

I was even scared and I LOVE scary movies!

The characters and the kids that played them were superb!

And Pennywise....wow Bill Skarsgård was the perfect choice for the evil kid killer.

As Pennywise likes to say "we all float down here"....you'll firmly want to keep your feet on the ground. You'll also like to keep all lights on, keep out of cupboards, cellars and any other scary corner for the next 6 months...

IT is a stunner......so go and see it.......feel the fear and do it anyway!