A Sea Full Of Love & Support For Manchester!

The UK has suffered the third terrorist incident in the space of 3 months.
The Westminster Bridge attack, the bombing at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester 2 weeks ago and another act of evil and cowardice in London on Saturday night with a van ploughing into happy people enjoying their evening with friends and family on London Bridge and then a spate of random stabbings.

The police were on scene within 2 minutes and shot dead 3 perpertrators and ambulances were on site within 8 minutes helping those hurt.

The people of London now live with a heavy police presence everyday now. Life is different now.

Ariana Grande, Robbie Williams, Pharrell Williams, Myley Cyrus, Take That - so brave taking the stage after the tragedy of Manchester 2 weeks ago - surely they must be nervous and scared. But love conquers all and they are giving the people of Manchester hope, love, light, support and money after what they've been through as a community.