Throw Mumma From The Plane!

Robyn from Tuross Head was our winner of our Mother's Day Competition.

Registered by her daughters Michelle and CJ - Robyn bravely accepted the gift and the challenge of a tandem skydive with the team from Skydive Oz at Moruya Airport!

Pretty nervous before her jump - she remained calm and happy as she was helped into her gear by her instructor and led out to the plane!

We started with a bit of cloud but as we made our way down to the beach in anticipation of her jump, flight and landing!

There was a big yellow flag driven into the sand - X marks the spot!

The cloud clear to sunny, blue skies and we saw her fall and make her way earthwards!

As she got closer you realise how quickly they are moving and as they came in - perfect sandy landing!

Robyn was exhilarated, pumped, excited and very happy she did it!

You can check out her pre-jump interview, landing and post-jump interviews at our 2EC Facebook page!

Good on you Robyn - you're a champion!!