Buying Your First Home!

I've only got into the property market in the last 7 years and now I have 2 properties! 

I'm lucky! There's plenty of people still scrimping and saving to make their dream of buying their first home a reality.

You do need to put the brakes on some indulgences to give yourself the opportunity.

It was interesting listening to Tim Gurner last night talking about buying coffee on a daily basis and eating out during the week.

If you buy 4 coffees per day and eat out a couple of times a week you're spending up to almost $10 000. 

That's serious money and could really help in you nailing that first home loan!

I think it's worth the sacrifice! 

The feeling of living in your own home is incredible. Doing to it whatever you want. Putting in new wall hooks, blinds, door handles, air conditioning, painting it - such a great feeling! Makes all the sacrifices well worth it!