Pet Patrol

Lost - Red Kelpie with Fawn points

Details: Male red Kelpie with fawn points. He is approximately 12 months old and answers to the name of Ripper. He has just come off a farm, he looks very under weight, he is very nervous of new people, especially men. He has a very rough coat and marks from a collar and chain, however has no collar on now. He most likely has no road sense and we are not sure if he is microchipped or not. He went missing on Saturday night 5/1/19 just after 6pm. We have only had him for a few days so have no photos of him. My son is devastated that he is lost.

Last seen/found in: lost in Bega Street Bega

Contact: Michael Saikovski on 02 6492 2890 or at [email protected]