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Mega Pod of whales off Bermagui gains worldwide intrigue

Whales feeding MerimbulaMarina 1

A mass gathering of whales off the south coast has caught the imagination of the environmental world.

Hundreds of migrating whales are feasting on bait schools around 20 nautical miles off the coast of Bermagui and Sapphire Coastal Adventures' Simon Miller managed to capture the phenomenon.

"We’ve got what's called a mega pod that's been off the coast of Bermagui, which is a mass aggregation of humpback whales and they're all feeding on these small bait fish," Mr Miller said.

Whales feeding MerimbulaMarina 2

"It’s a phenomenon that hasn't been seen very regularly," he continued.

"We saw it last year for the first time and it’s occurring this year as well."

Local Photographer David Rogers captures the action in which hundreds of migrating whales are feasting on schools of bait off the Bermagui coast. 

Mr Miller said it's hard to say exactly how many whales are in the pod.

"I reckon anywhere from 150-200 whales but there’s just so many, it’s impossible to count as they’re not all on the surface at the same time," Mr Miller said.

Whales feeding MerimbulaMarina 3

"We've got some some drone footage which captures how many whales are busting up through the bait at once, it’s pretty incredible."

Images/Video: Sapphire Coastal Adventures/Merimbula Marina, David Rogers