Victoria Earthquake - 2EC

The world just shook: Earthquake felt on the South Coast

 EarthQuake 1

An earthquake has been reported in Victoria with tremors felt across the South Coast, Snowy Monaro, East Gippsland and as far as Sydney and Canberra.

The magnitude 5.9 quake occurred at 9:15am this morning (Wednesday September 22) 10 kilometres outside of Mansfield in Victoria, approximately 180 kilometres north east of Melbourne.

It was originally recorded as a magnitude 6 before being downgraded to 5.8 then updgraded to a 5.9 on the Richter scale.

Locals in Merimbula, Batemans Bay and Moruya felt the ground move beneath them, with a number of locals reporting their homes and workplaces were shaking. 

Based on the magnitude and location of this earthquake, the Bureau of meteorology have advised the JATWC has assessed that there is No Tsunami threat to the Australian mainland, islands or territories from this earthquake.

Tathra local Jo Dodds was working from home when she felt the tremors. 

"Had this sensation of a rumbling going on and I looked to my bedside table because I knew that looking at a glass of water was likely to give me a bit of a view, so I could see that trembling," Ms Dodds recounted. 

"So I just sat there observing the creaking in the house then my phone rang as soon as that had ended and that was my partner to say ‘did you feel that?’," she said. 

"He was in Bega and he felt the whole thing in there and I was a bit more significant in the building that he was in."

Ms Dodds had a zoom meeting with a colleague in Melbourne not long after who told her he had to evacuate his building. 

"He's in a modern office block and he said the shaking was so violent that he and his partner actually had trouble standing up," Ms Dodds said.  

"So it was quite a significant event in Melbourne, a bit more alarming than what we've experienced here and of course there's been some quite significant building damage in Chapel Street."

Image: Geoscience Australia