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Environmental group block Eden Chip Mill

EdenChipMill Block ER 2

Members of Extinction Rebellion Bega Valley have blocked the entrance to the Eden chip mill this morning, to deliberately disrupt work.

Two locals have positioned a truck blocking the road to stop any vehicles from entering the Allied Natural Wood Exports (ANWE) Eden Chip Mill’s facility.

The group's message is ‘code red for habitat’ because they said the collapse in ecosystems as well as climate is creating the code red emergency for humanity.

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The group uses civil disobedience tactics which aim to disrupt and often result in arrests and imprisonment.

According to Extinction Rebellion spokesperson, Sally-Anne Brown, in our region, native woodchipping, just as with other extraction industries, is driving climate and biodiversity collapse.

"Regional Forest Agreements and all levels of government have sanctioned the destruction of native forests and biodiversity," Ms  Brown said. 

By making these unsustainable deals, government is perpetrating ecocide.”

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Bega Valley Council recently approved the Allied Natural Wood Enterprises (ANWE) chip mill expansion, despite more than 165 submissions against it.

“Council is claiming ‘due consideration was given to community views’ in determining in favour of the application,” said Ms Brown.

“This is clearly not the case and is a classic example of instituted power working with corporations despite community concerns; the type of collusion which can be seen behind decisions causing climate and biosphere collapse worldwide.”

Extinction Rebellion is calling the local native logging a ‘code red for habitat’, stating timber extraction industry under the guise of forest management has contributed to the broadscale destruction of ecosystems, contributing to an ecological crisis.

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A full transition to sustainable plantation timber is needed urgently according the group.

“Australian National University Biological Scientist, Professor David Lindenmayer, a world leading expert in forest ecology, states studies have shown decisively that logging of native forests makes them more fire prone,” said Ms Brown.

“We cannot afford that again - the time to act and protect our habitat is now.”

Extinction Rebellion plans to continue its protest of the ANWE Eden chip mill, which they consider the region’s primary contributor to climate chaos and ecological destruction.

Bega Valley Shire Council has been contacted for comment and released this statement:

Bega Valley Shire Council is aware of planned protest action taking place at the Eden Chip Mill today.

With ANWE’s recent development activity still before the Land and Environment Court, Council is not in a position to make any comment at this time. 

Eden Chip Mill/Pentarch Holdings have been contacted for comment. 

Images: Extinction Rebellion Bega Valley