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Bega kiosk marked for demolition

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The Church Street Kiosk in Bega has been marked for demolition.

The kiosk building is in an aging condition and has been deemed not suitable for food preparation or sale, in its current condition following a recent inspection. 

Council resolved to demolish the kiosk and restore the site as an open footpath  at a council meeting on Wednesday (September 22).

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President of the Bega Chamber of Commerce, John Watkin, said he wasn’t sure if anyone in town was even aware of the plans. 

“For me it’s about community consultation,” Mr Watkin said. 

“I understand the building is old but because it’s old there’s actually lots of history there and being a lifetime local I remember going to lots of p&c cake stalls, fundraisers and things like that there,” he said. 

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“I'm interested to know what the community thinks, whether they’re even aware it’s going to be demolished and if they are, are they happy for that to happen or should council replace it with something else.”

Bega Valley Shire Mayor, Russell Fitzpatrick, said consultation with the community could have been better but said it’s always been in the original Spiire Central Business District Landscape Master Plan to demolish the kiosk then restore the site as an open footpath.

“It was always intended that it be demolished, so council are moving ahead with that,” Mr Fitzpatrick said. 

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Mr Watkin said the kiosk shouldn't just fall by the wayside. 

“I understand that it’s old and it might need to be demolished but I think they should replace it with a new one,” Mr Watkin said.

“It's a valuable service that the council’s offered to the community where they can raise funds for their organisation,” he said. 

“It's in a great spot and people have lots of fond memories about it, so I think they should rebuild something in its place.”

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The Bega Valley Mayor responded by suggesting if the Bega Chamber of Commerce want to keep the kiosk, they can look at funding it’s repair and regular maintenance.

“There’s no money in council’s budget to repair it or maintain it at this time.

“If they (the Chamber) wish to keep it and they’re willing to repair it at their cost or keep it open, we’re quite happy with that as well, if they want to put that proposal to council.”